Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Your Morning Smile

I usually expect to get my laughs from xkcd, not Joel on Software...

"One more comment... about purchase orders... we, personally, like money, here at Fog Creek, and will accept payment in just about any reasonable form customers would like to pay. Credit card, debit card, check, purchase order, cheques drawn on a foreign bank, small coins taped to an index card and mailed to us, Kruggerands, big stones from Yap, as long as it's not friggin' CATTLE we'll accept it in payment. It's money. Money is why you do this. In the entire history of Fog Creek the number of companies who paid with a purchase order and then stiffed us is, I think, zero, although there might be one I don't know about. It is literally not even worth the cost of doing a credit check."

- Joel Spolsky post in discussion on purchase orders
"Everybody needs money. That's why they call it money."
- Danny DeVito as Bergman in Heist, written by David Mamet

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Anonymous said...

Just my humble opinion on your blog layout: I know your blog list on the right is getting longer and taks some scrolling at my 1680x1050 resolution, but I found the topics and age of the post is to be VERY valuable. The first thing I do each day is check your blog for any new entries (might be educational or better yet some entertaining view that could only come from Breck...). The 2nd thing is look for any new, and interesting topics from other blogs. I don't bother to check each one out unless I can see it is worth my time.

Thanks as always for the tutorials and the lighter view into a usually intense world of programming.