Friday, August 8, 2008

Techwave 2008 Notes

It's the last day of Techwave 2008; here are some random notes...

The free SQL Anywhere 11 Web Edition has a new FAQ here.

So far, Eric Farrar's presentation "Offline Wikipedia with SQL Anywhere" has been my favorite, not just because of the application but because of the many problems he solved and the tips and techniques he included. Like shrinking a database by copying tables and swapping dbspaces instead of running unload/reload.

I learned that using -gn 1 or 2 IS a good idea if you want to dedicate a SQL Anywhere database engine to running a single process... like building a full text index on a huge table.

Lotsa new buzzwords floating around: zero touch, bare metal, management stack, granular control, tasked with, enable credibility, platform innovator, snap in, conduit DMZ...

I want to write an article "Top 10 Reasons Full Text Search Is Cool". The number one reason is probably going to be "It's built right in to the SQL Anywhere query engine"... followed by "It's not using Verity" in case anyone didn't get the first point.

IvanAnywhere didn't make it to the conference. His videos were playing, though... a kind of remote telepresence for a remote telepresence.

More to come, eventually...

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