Friday, February 22, 2008

What To Look For In SQL Server 2008

Here's an excerpt from a Microsoft SQL Server Feature request...
Description: To enhance the user experience, while waiting for all the various extranneous and unnecessary dialogue boxes to open while trying to do things like start jobs, get properties on objects, etc, the request is to have a .wav file included in the next Service Pack which would play the theme from Jeopardy from the moment a button is clicked to the moment the resulting dialogue box is opened up.

This would greatly help users who need something to keep them from banging their heads on their desks while waiting... and waiting... and waiting... for something as simple as: Enabling a job. Viewing steps of a job... Viewing properties of a database - oh, the list is endless...

Thanks for this feedback. I have converted this request to either a defect (something is broken) or a Design Change Request (something new to add to the product) and so I'll close this ticket out. We will consider your information for SQL Server 2008 or a subsequent release.


- Buck Woody, SQL Server Program Manager

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