Monday, June 6, 2016

SQL Anywhere 17.0.4 Is Now Available

SQL Anywhere 17.0.4 is a way cool upgrade to SQL Anywhere 17.

The announcement is on the forum here.

The What's New is in DCX here.

The download is located

  • somewhere on (see editor's note)

  • as an EBF called

  • in the file SQLANYW170000P_8-71001031.ZIP

  • with the title SQL Anywhere 17.0 SP0 PL8 Build 2053

  • and the release date 02.06.2016.

Editor's Note: Management apologizes for the sarcastic comment "somewhere on".

Life's too short to keep track of where anything is on the SAP website, let alone keep up with link rot.


amcgilly said...

Hi Breck you helped me out a few years ago with some performance tuning and advice on creating a backup regime. You were a big help, thank you.

I'm on SQL Anywhere 16. I use the built-in ERD Diagram feature to maintain a simple graphic layout of my DB. I long ago discovered that if you run a backup of your db using the BACKUP DATABASE command, your backup won't have your ERD layout in it. I have found that to preserve the ERD Layout you need to do a backup with your OS's file system with the db closed.

I recently had my laptop stolen, and even though my backups were being done OUTSIDE of Sybase (using Retrospect backup software) when I restored my db from backup, my ERD was still gone. That could be because the db wasn't closed at the time of the backup. Anyway my question is, is the ERD layout info by any chance held in an external file or something? If so then I'm hoping maybe if I restore that file I could restore my ERD layout. Otherwise I have to redo it by hand which is tedious.


Breck Carter said...

@amcgilly: Your question is very interesting, but I don't know the answer, and I'm not able to investigate right now.

Try asking the question on the forum:

If you don't get an answer tormorrow, then send me an email at breck dot carter at gmail dot com.