Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Foxhound Version 4 Is Coming Later This Summer

Foxhound is a third-party database performance monitor for SAP® SQL Anywhere®.

Foxhound Version 3 has been around for a while, and Version 4 ... will ... may ... should be available later this summer :)

Here's a teeny-tiny excerpt from the full What's New:

  • Foxhound Version 4 will support target databases running on SQL Anywhere 17...

  • ...including SQL Anywhere 17.0.4. Foxhound 4 will also support target databases running on SQL Anywhere versions 5.5 through 16, but so does Foxhound 3 now.

  • Foxhound 4 itself will run on either SQL Anywhere 16 or 17.

  • When Foxhound 4 itself is running on SQL Anywhere 16 it will still handle a target database running on SQL Anywhere 17.

Foxhound 4 Will Be FREE! ( Some Restrictions Apply :)

If you're thinking you need a performance monitor for SQL Anywhere, one that actually works, don't hold back...

From this date forward, if you purchase Foxhound 3, you'll be able to upgrade to Version 4 at no charge as soon as it's available. 1996-04-21


vaibhav kothia said...


We are facing one issue. when we are going to connect PHP 7.0 and Sqlanywhere in php.

we are unable to connect database

Breck Carter said...

@vaibhav kothia: You should ask your question on the forum

State the version of SQL Anywhere you are using.

Show the php code that is failing.

Give the exact error message you are getting.

See this web page