Wednesday, March 7, 2012

R.I.P. 10.0.1

As of January 25 of this year, if you find a bug in SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 it ain't gonna get fixed... that's what "End of Engineering Support" means.

It also means the "Latest SQL Anywhere EBF" postings here are gonna be a lot shorter...

Current builds for the active platforms...

HP-UX Itanium EBF       15 Dec 2011
        EBF       13 Feb 2012

IBM AIX EBF       15 Dec 2011
        EBF       13 Feb 2012

Linux x86/x64 EBF       20 Dec 2011
        EBF       13 Feb 2012

Mac OS  EBF       24 Feb 2012
        EBF       29 Jun 2010

Solaris SPARC EBF       15 Dec 2011
        EBF       13 Feb 2012

Solaris x64 EBF       15 Dec 2011
        EBF       13 Feb 2012

Windows x86/x64 EBF       01 Mar 2012
        EBF       10 Feb 2012 recent EBFs and ancient relics here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In my very humble opinion, this is true (and worthwhile) as a warning, but not necessarily true in reality - there often have been EBFs for EOL'ed versions after the EOL date - one cannot (and should not) expect to get any bugs fixed for older versions (and that's reason enough to migrate to an wever version, obviously), but one still may try to ask...

Besides that, I appreciate this list very much and agree that it should not contain "old" entries. - That's a "thank you":)