Friday, October 7, 2011

Fuji Watch: There it is again

There it is again, that bold claim about how the "SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition will allow a small team to host tens-of-thousands of separate, isolated databases".

Not hundreds of databases, not thousands of databases, but tens-of-thousands. One database per customer of your very, very, VERY successful Software-as-a-Service company.

YOUR company. Running YOUR software on THEIR database (the customer's own copy of YOUR database) somewhere out in YOUR piece of the cloud.

But wait, there's more!

Suppose YOUR customer wants to keep using YOUR software but wants to move THEIR database inside the walls of THEIR own building (Try THAT with Oracle's Database Cloud Service or's Database-as-a-Service).

With Fuji the SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition, each customer's data is stored inside a separate database.db file. That's one file per customer, which can be moved from the Linux box in the cloud to the Windows server in their building.

Or from Windows to Linux, it doesn't matter, SQL Anywhere database files are binary portable across platforms, even between big-endian and little-endian hardware (which, seriously, I'm not kidding, has something to do with how you eat soft-boiled eggs).

And even if they leave their database with you, it's still a physically-separate database, so it's easy to show an auditor that THEIR data is completely separate from OTHER PEOPLE's data, that "multi-tenant" doesn't mean you've got your own bedroom but have to share the bathroom and kitchen...
"Ewwww! What's THAT in the sink?!? Who's THAT sleeping on the couch?"

But first...

...but first: There's that bold claim again, that "tens-of-thousands of databases" claim.

Which brings up the question,

Will it work?

Not for five databases, not for a hundred... but for tens-of-thousands.

Way too early to say, it isn't even Beta yet. While we're waiting, however, there's a new webcast coming up:

Webcast: Introducing Sybase's New Cloud Data Management Solution

Discover Sybase’s new cloud data management solution SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition, code-named "Fuji", designed specifically for the needs of the ISV market. Many of the recent cloud data platforms have been focused on end-users and providing "infinite" scalability of a single database. SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition is different. This new data management technology is focused on the ISV and providing scalability for the number of databases in the system.

Come learn how SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition will allow a small team to host tens-of-thousands of separate, isolated databases in a secure, flexible, and manageable multi-tenant environment.

Date: Wednesday, October 19th 2011

Times: 10am & 2pm EDT / 3pm & 7pm GMT / 4pm & 8pm CET

Duration: 1 hour


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Justin Willey said...

Will it work? The £64T* question. I believe the key will be in the administration tools - one of the few areas that SQLA hasn't always been in the forefront (anyone for database tracing in 50 easy steps?)

Simple, solid, fast automated validation and backup for example. "opps sorry, last night's backup didn't run because someone in db # 34,654 ran a bit of self-built code that left a transaction un-committed" isn't going to do. Nor is a whole tranche of databases going down because one of the databases on the server had an assertion.

The idea is great and has huge potential, the transparency is especially interesting compared with the alternatives, but the success or otherwise will be in the nitty-gritty.

*we've got a new dose of quantitative easing going on here in the UK