Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DocCommentXchange 4.1

Apparently, the DocCommentXchange website (DCX) now works to deliver SQL Anywhere documentation to the iPhone (yeah, seriously... but wait, there's more).

DCX now works on the iPad

...which makes a whole lot more sense:

What really makes sense, however, are the other improvements, like the new "Scope:" button which lets you pick which "books" you're interested in:

That's something you don't get in the regular Compiled HTML Help that comes with SQL Anywhere.

Another feature you don't get in the regular Help is the fact that keyword matches on the Index tab jump to subtopics down inside a main topic; the regular Help just opens up the topic at the top and you have to scroll down yourself.

Jumping directly to subtopics might not be new in DCX, but it's new to me... I just noticed it.

Here are some other features which are new to DocCommentXchange 4.1:
  • "Print this topic" versus "Print this topic and all 258 subtopics",

  • "Change to German", French, Japanese, Chinese, and

  • "Share this page on Twitter", Facebook and email.
The behavior of the left-hand pane is also supposed to be improved.

Besides speed (it will always be faster), the only remaining advantage that the regular Help has over DCX might be the ability to highlight Search words in the topic text. This is especially useful when trying to find something in those long What's New feature lists.
...and a little bird told me it might - No promises! - be coming soon to DCX!

About that speed thing...

The DCX website is pretty fast now, well within the usable range...

...but iPhone? Twitter? It must be an age thing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Breck, that's the "What's New" DCX meta page I was asking for in the forum:)

Besides that, I'm glad to hear from the birds you won't ever have the need to comment on DCX the way someone did a long time ago - cf.

That's true invention.


Offe said...

Well you could get the scope effect with the Compiled HTML help if you just delete the books you're not interested in...

Ove B-)

Breck Carter said...

@Ove: righhhht :) ...did you get that idea from Asok?