Friday, June 24, 2011

Will SUP 2.1 Mark The Beginning Of The End For SQL Anywhere?

Perhaps this is just another crazy conspiracy theory but here goes...

When version 2.1 of the Sybase Unwired Platform is released in Septemer 2011, it will ship with an HTML5 container, plus 16 mobile applications using the HTML5 container, and according to Kevin Benedict "HTML5 will play a significant and growing role in the SAP/Sybase strategy and road map".

So what?

Here's so what: One of the top 5 supported features in HTML5 is Web Storage which is persistent storage of data on the client side. In other words, a database.

Just like SQL Anywhere, except it isn't.

Or is it?

Well, if you do a Google search on HTML5 "SQL Anywhere" you pretty well come up empty, so if SQL Anywhere has a role to play with SUP 2.1's HTML5 container it's a well kept secret.

If you do a Google search for "SUP 2.1" you will see that it is already available... but not from SAP/Sybase. I see a name change coming in the near future, or a trademark lawsuit... or maybe just a good old-fashioned Googlewashing campaign :)

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