Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Most Successful Database Software Vendor In China

According to USA Today
Sybase CEO John Chen is "one of the most knowledgeable American business leaders on the inner workings of China."

And it looks like it's paying off...

Sybase Named Most Successful Database Software Vendor in China

China's Centre for Information Industry Development Consulting (CCID Consulting) honoured the company with the "2010-2011 Most Successful Database Software Vendor in China" award. Sybase is the only enterprise vendor to receive this prestigious award two years in a row.

... CCID Consulting estimated Sybase's database has garnered 25.1 percent market share in the telecommunications industry, 25 percent in the banking industry, and 24.1 percent in the insurance industry.

... These recognitions reaffirm the technical prowess of Sybase's solutions and the excellent market competitiveness it accords to customers of its technology, including its industry-leading SQL Anywhere mobile and embedded database technology, ...

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