Thursday, October 5, 2017

New Foxhound 4 Build 4740

A new build of Foxhound 4 is available here.

  • You can use it to upgrade an existing copy of Foxhound 4 for free.

  • You can also use it to install a new copy of Foxhound 4, or

  • to upgrade an existing copy of Foxhound 1, 2 or 3.
If you are already using Foxhound 4, here's why you should consider upgrading to build 4740:
  • Build 4740 "rolls up" all five patches that were previously released for the original Foxhound 4 build 4729.

  • Several performance problems have been fixed, making it less likely that Foxhound will become unresponsive when the database grows very large.

  • If you want to use the "Reinstall Foxhound" method to reorganize and shrink the Foxhound database, the new build 4740 will let you do that... unlike the previous Patch 10 which made it impossible to preserve any data if you subsequently reinstalled the original build 4729.

  • Foxhound's own purge process has been improved, making it more likely the purge will keep database growth under control... and this fix was not included in the previous patches.
On the other hand...
  • If you don't need any of changes in build 4740, there's no need to upgrade.

  • If you only need one or two of the fixes, applying a patch to to build 4729 is a lot quicker than upgrading to build 4740.
Either way, here's a tip...
Tip: Set the Purge Speed to 10 Fastest on section 6. Purge of the Foxhound Options page.

Do this whether or not you upgrade to build 4740, if your Foxhound database is growing rapidly.

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