Monday, July 7, 2014

Hurry! Book d-code now! (or not)

The Conference-Formerly-Known-As-TechEd is now called d-code and it's scheduled for October 20–24 in Las Vegas... and Berlin in November, Bangalore in December.

For the Early Bird bargain of US $2,495 you get four (4) hours of SQL Anywhere and MobiLink...

DMM106 Introduction to SAP SQL Anywhere
Jason Hinsperger
SAP SQL Anywhere can be used as an effective companion to your current enterprise database to build mobile and embedded applications. This session includes an introduction to SAP SQL Anywhere and provides information on the compatibilities and differences with other SAP data management solutions including SAP HANA, SAP IQ, and SAP ASE.

DMM116 From Raspberry Pi to SAP HANA – SAP SQL Anywhere and the Internet of Things
Tom Slee
SAP HANA provides real-time analytics on data collected from large-scale networks in “Internet of Things” deployments. New single-board computers such as the popular Raspberry Pi provide easy and affordable ways to acquire data. This session explains how SAP SQL Anywhere links SAP HANA with a myriad of devices, with a focus on predictive maintenance.

DMM114 Synchronizing Data in SAP HANA Using SAP SQL Anywhere
Jason Hinsperger
By enabling mobile and remote applications to synchronize data with SAP HANA, companies gain a significant competitive advantage as decisions can be made using real-time available information. Learn how to design and implement a solution that acquires data from a wide range of applications and synchronizes that data to SAP HANA.

EA111 Enabling High Availability for the SAP BusinessObjects CMS Repository
Jose Ramos
High availability (HA) is vital for enterprise applications to ensure users do not experience costly downtime when a system fails. SAP SQL Anywhere is used as the embedded Central Management Server (CMS) database in SAP BusinessObjects. This session introduces you to SAP SQL Anywhere's HA functionality and implementing HA for the CMS repository.

OK, so maybe $2,495 is a bit [cough] steep for half a day with Jason, Tom and Jose...

...but wait!

A little bird told me there's going to be another SQL Anywhere Technical Summit just like there was two years ago.

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