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Techwave 2014: No John Chen Keynote!

The recent ISUG-TECH Conference promotional email was directed at prior Techwave attendees, and it included "No John Chen Keynote" as a selling point. 2014-03-31/

ISUG-TECH Conference, April 14-17, 2014
Atlanta, GA, USA

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Dear Prior TechWave Attendee,

OK, so it's not exactly TechWave, but it's the closest thing to it as attendees from 15+ countries have already realized, and we wanted to make sure you knew this event was happening, and why you should attend.

So let's start with a quick list of how this and the old Sybase TechWave conferences are similar:

Content - it's how the content used to be; customer presentations augmented by presentations by SAP/Sybase staff. Obviously we are relying on SAP people for the ASE 16 content (who else has seen it?), and some of the other sessions, but our community members have really come together on bringing content to the table across the tracks. And next time we'll do even more in this regard.

Presenters - all the people you came to respect for their presentations are back. SAPers like Peter Thawley, Rob Verschoor, Dave Fish, Jeff Tallman, Chris Brown, Mark Mumy, Matt Creason, Stefan Karlsson, Chris Baker and more (apologies to those not mentioned!), plus community rock stars like Bruce Armstrong, Armeen Mazda, Joe Woodhouse, Yakov Werde, Lou Stanton (ex-SAP), George McGeachie, Martijn Evers, Jeff Garbus, Ronnie Po, et al. (Again, apologies to those not mentioned.)

Pre-conference workshops - get extra education with our full day and half day workshops. Oh, and we added post-conference workshops too so you can attend more than one. Plus five of the nine available workshops are presented by members of the community so you can learn from real-world practitioners as well as the SAP experts if you so choose.
And what is different about the conferences?

This conference is run by ISUG-TECH, not SAP/Sybase. What does this mean to you the attendees? Not much really. It may not be quite so flashy but it never was about the glitz and glamor, it was always about the content.

No special event. The reality is these are expensive to do and require adding several hundred dollars to the registration cost, so we decided very early on to leave everyone with a free night instead to go explore Atlanta. Of course then we added a CodeJam on Wednesday night:

SAP CodeJam: This is a really cool thing SAP does and allows people to learn something new which hacking away for an evening. We'll be using SAP HANA for this, and SAP HANA Studio as the primary development suite (PowerBuilder is an option for those that insist), but regardless of what SAP development product you choose to use -- and we encourage you to try something new! -- enjoy an evening with your colleagues and peers eating pizza, drinking soda, and generally having some fun. (Also, you can leverage part one of the SAP UI5 workshop prior to the CodeJam to get a little ahead of the curve.)

No John Chen Keynote. Sorry, couldn't resist this one! Love him or hate him, Chen's keynotes always seemed to lack something that the attendees were looking for. (Not like we're putting any pressure on ourselves here, right?)

We hope this helps you see why this year's conference is a can't miss event. And for the ASE folks out there, remember SAP is launching SAP ASE 16 at our conference. I mean how cool is that? Come find out all the information about this brand new SAP release, along with the very latest on PowerBuilder 15.

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Best Regards,
The ISUG-TECH Conference Team

This is a one-time email from ISUG-TECH because you attended a previous Sybase TechWave conference

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