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Techwave 2014 News

from: ISUG-TECH Conference
date: Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 10:25 AM
subject: Last Day for 2014 ISUG-TECH Conference Ultra Early Bird Special is February 14th

This coming Friday, February 14th, is the final day to take advantage of our ultra early bird special for the ISUG-TECH 2014 Conference to be held in Atlanta, GA, on April 14-17. After that day you will have lost the chance to save more than $400 on your hotel accommodations for this event! That's right: this is the last week to get three nights of hotel included in your registration fee. Once Saturday rolls around the chance will be lost forever!

And we have some additional exciting news to share as well. Our conference will be the exclusive first look at the latest release of SAP ASE - version 16! This is a can't miss event, but don't take our word for it. Listen to what our good friend Peter Thawley had to say:

I can't tell you all how excited all of us old-time Sybase folks are for the ISUG-TECH conference coming up in mid-April. For those readers on the fence here, let me tell you unequivocally that this will not be like one of the more recent events you may have attended. This event will be highly technical with little to no marketing.

I and my entire extended Sybase team, people like Jeff Tallman, Rob Verschoor, Chris Brown, Chris Baker, Richard Soundy, Mark Mumy, Javier Cuerva, Paul Vero, and countless other hard core geeks and propeller heads will make sure your heads hurt by the end of the conference.

Join us and celebrate the coming out party for SAP ASE 16 at what will undoubtably be the best Sybase event since the days of old. Oh yeah, and don't be stupid by missing the early registration perks ... like a free hotel room ... are you kidding me!

We're really excited to be the venue for this launch, and we hope you are too! Virtually all of the conference content is now online, although we are still adding the SAP ASE 16-specific sessions as they are finalized by Peter and his team.

But it's not just SAP ASE at the conference. We have six other product tracks during the conference: SAP HANA, SAP IQ, SAP PowerDesigner, SAP PowerBuilder, SAP Replication Server and SAP SQL Anywhere. There will also be a general SAP Development track that will cover developing applications for a variety of SAP Products, such as SAP AppBuilder, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP River, and more.

Altogether, we will be presenting more than 150 hours of in-conference sessions, and more than 60 hours of optional workshops before and after the main event. We have some phenomenal speakers who will be sharing their experiences, best practices and advice with our attendees. Some of the biggest names in the SAP database and developer ecosystem will be in Atlanta so be sure not to miss out!

We're pleased to announce that SAP is our Diamond Sponsor for this conference. The support and commitment we've received from SAP is outstanding and we are all excited to see the company's passion in making this event a big success. But we need you to join us to make that happen. General registration for the conference is $1195, but our Gold members will receive a special discount of $300 off that fee. (Learn more about our Gold membership here.)

So don't delay; take a moment now to explore the conference sessions and workshops, and then start your registration!

Best Regards,
The ISUG-TECH Conference Team

The ISUG-TECH Conference 2014

Finally the call has been answered for a hands-on technical conference focused on former Sybase and now SAP technologies across the whole stack from ASE to PowerBuilder and onward to HANA and beyond.

by Adrian Bridgwater, ISUG-Tech Journal

The ISUG-TECH Conference 2014 will be staged at the Hilton Downtown Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia on the 14-17 April. That sentence took some time to come around and felt pretty darn amazing to write as well. It was 2011 when we last saw the conference we knew as Sybase TechWave come about -- and at that time it was already running as a (smaller) sister event to the wider SAP TechEd event.

Nurture, Champion and Propagate

After that point in time, from 2012 until now, we have been left with what many considered to be a lack of clear focus from SAP as to what it’s long long long (yes, x3 longs) term plans were with the element of the former Sybase stack and whether it would ultimately decide to nurture, champion and propagate for further development. Things became clearer in the latter part of 2013 and the ISUG-TECH team assembled in Las Vegas for TechEd 2013 to share as best we could the message set for learning and greater personal skill value which we have long worked towards. It was during a few contemplative moments at that show that the germ of an idea was fi nally given time to blossom. What if we could stage a conference for developers and data professionals that took the “technical” (OK so all SAP is technical, but you know what we are talking about) aspects of the SAP family as it now sits and create a handson event with a real opportunity to get to grips with tools and the latest release of all the products we know from PowerBuilder to ASE.

So the planning stages were conducted and sparks flew, the shape of the conference quickly came together and now we know that the ISUG-TECH Annual Conference 2014 will feature more than 150 hours of conference sessions, and more than 60 hours of optional workshops.

“We have gathered all the right experts together to share their experiences, best practices and offer sound advice for getting the most out of SAP products and solutions. I’m proud to see that this event has come together so tightly as it shows the level of commitment our members, speakers, editorial writers and evangelists have for our mission. It also shows how SAP is committed to backing us and ISUG-TECH is delighted to say that SAP is acting as Diamond Sponsor for the event itself,” said Mike Harrold, executive director at ISUG-TECH.

Seven Product Tracks

The seven product tracks in the event include: SAP ASE, SAP HANA, SAP IQ, SAP PowerDesigner, SAP PowerBuilder, SAP Replications-Server, SAP SQL Anywhere. There will also be a general SAP development track on application development for a variety of SAP products.

As a special note of interest, this conference feature the exclusive launch of SAP ASE 16. Yes we do mean Adaptive Server Enterprise and we do mean release iteration number 16 in all its finery and glory. This is a chance for attendees to get first hand insights on product direction and learn directly from the SAP experts where and how ASE can be used in real world implementations.

So as the workshops list fills up, now is your time to register and start looking at what sessions you want to attend. If we have to stop and tell you how good these presentations are, we have SPEAKERS signing up for other people's workshops! If that’s not dogfooding on your own technology and digging deep in a truly organic kind of way, then to be quite honest we don’t know what is.

The ‘Drawcard’ Speaker List

The list of speakers for this event is impressive and unmatched. It would be remiss of us not to quickly name everybody from our speaker list so here are the names with each speaker’s place of work listed right after their name: Phillip Adams, FireSteed Consulting; Bruce Armstrong, IDS; Chris Baker, SAP; Peter Barnett, IBM; Mark Bemis, Fortress Medical Systems; Chris Brown, SAP; Murat Cetinkaya, ING Bank, and VinodChandran, SAP.

Also we will hear from Matt Creason, SAP; Lloyd Dickman, Bay Storage Technology; Joe Woodhouse, Prima Donna Consulting; Marcel Schot, Martijn Evers, DataMasters; Dave Fish, SAP; Jeff Garbus, Soaring Eagle Consulting; Janis Griffin, Confio Software; John Hnat, PowerSeller Solutions; Brian Le Suer, Zeenyz Software; George McGeachie, Metadata Matters; Tom McWilliams, Bay Storage Technology; Armeen Mazda, Appeon; Ricardo Murcia, SAP; Michael Novak, SAP; Roberto Peña, Unibanco; Ronnie Po, Morpheon; Jose Ramos, SAP; ApurbaSaha, Columbia University; Cory Sane, Wells Fargo, Filiberto Sosa, Sizes and Colors of Mexico; Richard Soundy, SAP; Dharmapalan Sreekumar, ANZ Bank; Jeff Tallman, SAP; Paul Vero, SAP and Rob Verschoor, SAP. Note: All speakers subject to change.

What Makes this Event so Special?

What really makes this event special this year is probably the gap in between 2011 and now that we mentioned at the start of this piece. This has been a period of consolidation and focus for SAP as the firm has spent considerable time in the public spotlight reshaping its cloud proposition and building the HANA brand to be what is it now. Okay so I suppose we couldn’t through all of this without mentioning HANA and it’s good to mention it here as we look to the way our presenters will reference the wider SAP stack in all of their presentations. This conference will be hands on, this conference will be enterprise but informal, this conference will be hugely appreciated by everybody who attends due to the emotional and technical blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it -- or to put it another way, this will be a great conference. We can’t wait to see you in Atlanta!

For golf fans, the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta is the week prior to the conference, so you may consider spending the weekend before the conference relaxing and enjoying the golf before joining us for the main event!

How do you get to Atlanta with ISUG-TECH?

General registration for the conference is US$1195, but ISUG-TECH Gold members will receive a special discount of $300. You can register now at:

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