Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The WaybackGlennMachine

Once upon a time, there were two regularly-published blogs devoted to SQL Anywhere: this one, and a better one written by Glenn Paulley. Before leaving SAP on July 31, 2012, Glenn had published over 150 posts of a technical nature as well as many announcements and other posts.

Sadly, as part of the transition to the SAP Community Network, Glenn's blog and four others (Chris Kleisath, Eric Farrar, Jason Hinsperger and Tom Slee/Philippe Bertrand) were suddenly wiped from existence, taking with them over 300 posts containing valuable technical information.

A handful of Glenn's posts have been republished on the SAP Community Network, but it's clearly not a high priority task.

The Internet Midden To The Rescue!

The good news is, you can still find most of Glenn's posts in The Wayback Machine. It helps if you know what you're looking for, and the Technical Documents page on this blog can help as follows:
  1. Scroll through the Technical Documents page looking for "Glenn Paulley" entries marked "Blog: ..."

  2. When you find one you like, click right mouse - Copy link address on the title:

  3. Open up The Wayback Machine and paste the link address into the "Take Me Back" field:

  4. Click on "Take Me Back" button to see a calendar of all the different times Glenn's post was archived.

  5. Click on any of the calendar entries for that post; it doesn't matter which one because Glenn wasn't in the habit of changing old posts.

  6. Here's what you'll see, an almost-fully-functional copy of the original post:

Sure, it's a kludge...

Some of Glenn's posts are missing, and some of the embedded objects too, and some of his links have rotted.

And no, Google search doesn't reach into The Wayback Machine.

But... it's better than the alternative: 2010-12-11

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, that's a nice tip to get back to those really valuable resources!

Best regards


Note: A few of Glenn's postings have been published on his new blog (, too, as you surely will be aware of. However, that's just another (too) small collection of the great original blog...