Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TechEd 2013 Session Catalog

There are 8 session tracks at TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas on October 21 to 25...

 SAP Technology Innovation and Strategy (TEC)
 IT Management (ITM)
 Enterprise Analytics (AE)
 Real-Time Data Platform (RDP)
 Process Orchestration, Integration, and Portal (POP)
 Custom Development (CD)
 Security, Identity Management, and Single Sign-On (SIS)
 Mobile (MOB)
but only 7 of them are represented so far in the Session Catalog...
  FROM SessionDownload
 ORDER BY Track;

Track                                                 COUNT() 
------------------------------------------------- ----------- 
Custom Development                                         76 
Enterprise Analytics                                       70 
IT Management                                             116 
Process Orchestration, Integration, and Portal             62 
Real-Time Data Platform                                   240 
SAP Technology Innovation and Strategy                     52 
Security, Identity Management, and Single Sign-On          42 
so it's may be a bit early to look for the SQL Anywhere and MobiLink sessions but let's do that anyway...
SELECT Session_ID,
  FROM SessionDownload
 WHERE Title       LIKE '%MobiLink%'
    OR Title       LIKE '%SQL Anywhere%'
    OR Description LIKE '%MobiLink%'
    OR Description LIKE '%SQL Anywhere%'
 ORDER BY Session_ID;

Session_ID Title                                                                                                
---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
EA269      Everything You Need to Know to Use SAP Crystal Reports                                               
RDP109     Orbiting the Enterprise – SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere as a Satellite Server                              
RDP118     Introduction to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere                                                              
RDP119     SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere Satellite Database Case Studies                                              
RDP121     Best Practices for Embedding Databases in Lines of Business Applications                             
RDP122     Enhancing Business Intelligence Deployments with SAP Real-Time Data Platform                         
RDP124      Getting Started with SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, On-Demand Edition                                     
RDP141     Powerful Data Access at the Edge of the Enterprise                                                   
RDP220     Mobilizing Data-Driven Applications                                                                  
RDP222     OData Support in SAP Real-Time Data Platform                                                         
RDP278     Extending SAP HANA to SMEs Using SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere and MobiLink                                
TEC101     How to Best Embed SAP Technology                                                                     
and guess what?

No "Mobile (MOB)" Sessions! (yet)

Patience, patience, the MOB will surely be here any minute :) 2013-06-19

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