Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Technical Documents

Several old and new articles have been added to the list of SQL Anywhere Technical Documents...

Date Versions Authors Title
Nov 21, 201212.0.1anon.Using SAP Crystal Reports with SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere
Oct 15, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Example: RECURSIVE UNION Inverted ORDER BY
Oct 12, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Example: RECURSIVE UNION Tree Traversal
Sep 24, 2012-Glenn PaulleyBlog: Time separation and performance of technical teams
Sep 24, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Fix Twice, Ship Once
Sep 6 2012-Chris KleisathBlog: Trends in the Embedded Database Market
Aug 15, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Choosing Which Task To Kill
Aug 10, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Example: String De-Duplication
Aug 8, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Alexander's Sword: UNLOAD SELECT
Aug 3, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Help! I Need An Assertion!
Jul 27, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Example: TOP 1, WHERE and ORDER BY
Jul 23, 201212Breck CarterBlog: IS_NUMERIC()
Jul 18, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Product Suggestion: WITH AUTO NAME ON MISSING
Jul 6, 201212Breck CarterBlog: JOIN to a text file without a proxy table
Jul 4, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Example: HTTP LogFormat (LF) protocol option
Jul 2, 201212Breck CarterBlog: Quick! How do I truncate the transaction log?
Jun 28, 201212Ahmed MunyeTutorial: Deploying a SQL Anywhere .NET Application Using ClickOnce
Apr 201212.0.1anon.Adding databases with external environments to a SQL Anywhere OnDemand Edition 1.0 cloud
Mar 201212.0.1anon.Query Processing Based on SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 Architecture
Dec 201112anon.Migrating a PostgreSQL Database to SQL Anywhere 12
Aug 19, 2010-Jeannette SmithBasic OLE DB, ADO and .NET Connectivity for Sybase Databases
Jul 27, 201012anon.Storing YouTube Subscription Information Inside a SQL Anywhere Database
Jul 27, 201012anon.CLR External Environment Sample
Jul 20, 201011, 12anon.AdventureWorks2008 Sample Database for SQL Anywhere
Jul 20, 201011, 12anon.AdventureWorks2008 .NET Samples
Jul 19, 201011.0.1.2427, 12anon.Tutorial: Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework with SQL Anywhere
Jul 201011.0.1.2427, 12anon.SQL Anywhere Integration with Visual Studio 2010
Feb 2, 201011anon.AdventureWorks2008 Windows Mobile Samples
Mar 200911.0.1.2427, 12anon.SQL Anywhere Integration with Visual Studio 2008

But wait, there's more...

The Google Custom Search Engine on the Technical Documents page is working a lot better now. It might take a while to catch up with the new entries, but the old entries are finally showing up in searches.

Maybe all it takes ... is ... a ... lot ... of ... patience ...

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