Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Botox for the Blog

Some items have been removed from this blog...

  • The big "Foxhound 1.2" ad is gone, but it something will be back when Version 2 ships.

  • The Search gadgets have been moved to the much-better Advanced Search page, joining others on the "links line" at the top of this page.

  • The Quantcast ego badge is gone... no, it had NOTHING to do with the fact traffic dropped in April :)

  • The blog lists have been [ahem] trimmed somewhat...
    WHEN active again THEN they will return;

In other news...

Work proceeds on the SQL Anywhere Technical Documents page on this blog:
  • Techwave 2004 presentations have been added... only Techwave 2003 remains, and their whereabouts are known.

  • A calculated "row number" column has been added to show that the list is now up to 499 articles with actual links.

  • Google seems to be indexing new entries as fast as they are added, so the Search gadget is quite effective.
The priority list looks like this:
  • keep up with new articles,

  • add the Techwave 2003 presentations,

  • fill in the Authors column, working from the top down (backwards in time), and

  • add entries from various blogs, again working backwards in time, starting with Chris Kleisath, Eric Farrar, Glenn Paulley, Jason Hinsperger and Tom Slee ...and ...and ...?

It's all in a database (of course!) so reports can be run...

Who's the Iron Man of Techwave?

WITH count_by_author AS
        ( SELECT COUNT(*) AS article_count,
                 article.authors AS "Iron Men"
            FROM article
           WHERE article.title LIKE 'Techwave %'
             AND article.authors <> '-'
           GROUP BY article.authors ),
     count_by_iron_men AS
       ( SELECT MAX ( count_by_author.article_count ) AS article_count
           FROM count_by_author )
SELECT count_by_author.*
  FROM count_by_author 
          INNER JOIN count_by_iron_men
                  ON count_by_iron_men.article_count = count_by_author.article_count
 ORDER BY count_by_author."Iron Men";

article_count  Iron Men
10             David Fishburn
10             Reg Domaratzki

Answer: Reg Domaratzki!

Sure, David Fishburn is currently tied with Reg for the most Techwave presentations in the list, but... David didn't play through the pain like Reg did!


Anonymous said...

Great digging work - the "Document Iron Man" goes to the presenter of document 225, for sure:)

Volker Is Impressed

Anonymous said...

The face lift speeds up loading, appreciated!

The "links line" is yet to come, I suppose.


Breck Carter said...

@Reimer: You're welcome! ...and the "links line" is already there, it's the one that starts with "Top Technical Documents ..."

Reg Domaratzki said...

2004 was not my favourite TechWave...

Glad to see that my broken foot was the tie breaker and was good for something.

Glenn Paulley said...

I recall shepherding Reg around the venue that year. Reg did Yeoman service for the team that year and absolutely deserves the Ironman award.

Anonymous said...

Another refinement that I've overseen at first:

So now the title doesn't try to explain anymore that "SQL Anywhere is a real product" - it seems SAP ownership is reason enough?