Friday, May 11, 2012

From The Golden Age of Techwave

Do you remember 2007?

That's when outsiders were still invited to make presentations at Techwave.

And that's when 24 (twenty four!) separate technical presentations were made on the subject of SQL Anywhere ...actually, I think there were 25 but I can't find the second day of Glenn Paulley's SQL Anywhere Internals class.

Anyway, the 24 Techwave 2007 presentations that do exist on the web have been added to the list at Tales From The Doc Face.

Did you know?

Did you know that Tales From The Doc Face now lists 412 SQL Anywhere technical documents?

The "official list" of SQL Anywhere Technical Documents over at only contains 312 entries, and that list includes all sorts of documents that have been left out of Tales From The Doc Face because they really aren't "technical documents": announcements, notices, bulletins, bug fixes, licensing details, certification reports, various listicles (components, requirements, platforms, links), and straight links to DCX topics.


Anonymous said...

Breck, great work!

I'd recommend to make a SQL Forum announcement to link to this great ressouce (i.e. the "Tales From the Doc Face" page).

(I could do that myself but it would surely seem very unfair as it's truly your own hard work.)

Keep blowing the dust away:)


Breck Carter said...

@Volker: That's a good idea. As soon as the update rate slows down, I will post a copy on the forum... and keep it up to date.