Friday, May 13, 2011

ClickAppStore sure sounds like a winner!

We all believe all press releases all the time, right?

OK, so that's a "no"... but here's a press release that

  • is not clearly content-free,

  • is not obviously full of bullsiht (at least not to me), and

  • does mention technology of interest to me (SQL Anywhere, MobiLink, UltraLite)...
ClickAppStore for Mobile Business Applications Announced by ClickSoftware

Here are a few excerpts that got my attention:
...bringing the app store concept to the broader world of business applications for enterprise mobility.

...ClickAppStore includes hundreds of ready-to-use mobile business apps, and a unique integrated development environment (IDE) in which IT professionals can assemble business apps into end-user solutions using primarily no-coding 'drag and drop' wizards.

...deployment using a wide variety of devices including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry Torch, Android smart-phones, Windows Mobile Devices, Panasonic ToughBooks, Windows based tablets, Ultra-mobile PCs and more.

Each Starter Kit is pre-integrated with all of the required "plumbing" for connectivity, back-office integration, server-side and its databases, as well as basic elements of the user interface (UI). Sybase's Mobile Platform (SMP) is one option for pre-integration including SQL Ultralite for device database, Mobilink for synchronization, SUP for back office integration, and Afaria for device management and file transfer. For server-side database the options include SQLServer, Oracle, and SQL Anywhere. Online and offline modes of working are fully supported, allowing users to work in areas with no reception, with automatic synchronization as connectivity is re-established. ClickAppStore also offer apps to facilitate the usage of the mobile device features inside business applications; such as the built-in camera, barcode and credit card reader.

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Server Audit Tool said...

Hello friends,

ClickSoftware is currently working with selected clients and partners to access and use the ClickAppStore for key projects. It will be opened up to a broader population of mobile business application enterprise developers. Thanks a lot.....