Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top Fifty Cool New Features In SQL Anywhere 12?

Back in 2008 I wrote "Top 10 Cool New Features in SQL Anywhere 11" and before that (in 2006) "Top 10 Cool New Features in SQL Anywhere 10".

It's time again now, and it's the same old problem: Too Much Cool New Stuff.

How much is too much? Fifty. That's the number of new features and changes in SQL Anywhere 12 that made the first Cool cut.

Fifty features is about one-in-ten as far as I can tell. So once again there there's lots of Cool.

And "all things spatial" only counts as one pick in my list. So you get the idea... it's hard to choose... easier to crank out "Top Fifty Cool New Features In SQL Anywhere 12".

But there's a deadline. Maybe, after I run out of time working with "spatial" it'll be "Top One Cool New Feature In SQL Anywhere 12".

1 comment:

ron said...

who says it has to be just a top 10 list??

And thanks Brett... I just re-read the top 10's for version 10 and 11. Lots of way cool stuff in those releases.

I still love my 9.0.2... it works for me. I haven't upgraded my wife either. Been with her for even longer. Actually, she was even pre-watcom 2.0. (Um, don't tell her this, but I still like to look at, shall we say 'new releases'... oh never mind.)

My sincere apologies for those that make a living inventing and selling upgrades to SQL Anywhere.. but when I have a rock-solid product that does what I need it to do, it's tough to make the upgrade, despite Breck's lists.