Friday, March 6, 2009

Sybase IQ Makes Top Ten TPC-H

Sybase IQ Version 15 just hit the overall Number Two spot in the 3,000 GB category of Top Ten TPC-H by Price/Performance.

And it hit NUMBER ONE in the non-clustered 3000 GB category! Woohoo!

But... did you know?

The SQL Anywhere 11 engine is embedded inside IQ, and it is the SQL Anywhere engine that manages connections, transactions, recovery, cursors, locks and everything that the application sees, in coordination with IQ where necessary. In all of these matters, SQL Anywhere acts as the primary manager and involves IQ as a secondary participant. Another way to look at it is that IQ acts as a tightly coupled and specialized store with it's own optimizer, data store, transaction manager and lock manager.

SQL Anywhere manages the database catalog for everything in the SQL Anywhere and IQ data stores, and it manages the database objects themselves except for IQ tables, indexes and dbspaces.

SQL Anywhere parses the SQL queries, controls execution of stored procedures and issues each query to the IQ engine... in fact, SQL Anywhere performs some query rewrite optimizations before passing the queries to the IQ engine for proper optimization (enumeration of plans) and execution.

Here's where you can read about the TPC-H benchmark:

Glenn Paulley's blog

TPC-H Results

Top Ten Non-Clustered TPC-H by Price/Performance ... scroll down to the "3,000 GB Results" section:

Disclaimer: The word "embedded" is used in the Marketecture sense, in that SQL Anywhere's role in Sybase IQ is hidden from the customer before purchase; the Sybase IQ product page and whitepaper make no mention of it. This hidden or "stealth" role is proudly played by SQL Anywhere in a large number of products, Sybase IQ being one of them. The folks at iAnywhere don't take credit for the TPC-H results, but they certainly deserve credit for making IQ a much better product.

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